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Free Daily Sudoku

These sudoku variants appear daily as Sudoku of the Day. Like classic sudoku, these puzzles are composed of 3×3 boxes joined by rows and columns. Unlike classic sudoku, the 3×3 boxes are not in a 3×3 grid. Every Sunday features a new Cube Sudoku with six 4×4 boxes. Check out the different configurations! Which one is your favorite?

Other Sudoku Variants

There are also archives of Code-Doku and Cube Sudoku puzzles.

Custom Puzzles

Custom puzzles are available to individuals and for publication. Contact me at the address below. Some of the puzzle types available:

Puzzles are available in varying difficulties. Standard delivery is as text or HTML, but delivery as artwork (high resolution image) is also available. My puzzles are not usually symmetric because I prefer asymmetric puzzles, but I'm not a purist and symmetric puzzles are available, including symmetric Code Doku.

Please send responses to my email address is mathrec at this domain