Browser Compatibility Test

Math on the web

The software that displays web pages on your computer is called a browser. Not all browsers display mathematical symbols the same way. The software on this site will automatically adapt to your browser, but you need to verify that it is working. Look at the table below and verify that the table contains all of the symbols described. Report any missing or incorrect symbols to your instructor.

This browser is not identified as Internet Explorer or Netscape 6.x. The software will assume that you are using some other HTML 4.0 compliant browser. The table below shows how this site will display certain mathematical symbols. You should verify that the symbols you see in the right-hand column match the image on the left and the description. If you do not see all of the symbols listed in this table, check the full table below to see if a manual setting will work for your browser. If none of the setting work for your system, you will need to upgrade. to a new browser. Let your instructor know what kind of browser you are currently using and what results you are getting. We will add the information to our browser compatibility list.

ImageDescriptionYour browser
ndashminus (en dash)
plusmnplus or minus±
middotmultiplication, dot product·
timescross multiplication sign×
dividehorizontal division sign÷
forallfor all
existthere exists
Gammauppercase gammaΓ
Xiuppercase xiΞ
leless than or equal to
rarrright arrow
gegreater than or equal to
propproportional to
partpartial derivative
nenot equal to
asympapproximately equal
alefsymalef symbol
imageimaginary part
realreal part
emptyempty set
capset intersection
cupset union
supproper superset of
supesuperset of
subproper subset of
subesubset of
isinelement of
notinnot an element of
nablanabla, del, gradient
proditerated product
radicradical, square root
sumiterated sum

If the table above does not contain all of the characters, you may still be able to manually select a format type. The course software will format the web documents appropriate for your choice. You can see how all three formats look on your browser by going to the format comparison page. If you do not see all of the characters, be sure to tell your instructor, even if you are able to manually select a format that works for your browser.

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